Valley View Christian Church – Dallas

Designer’s Name: Sarah Rosie Hester
Church Name: Valley View Christian Church
Church Location: Dallas
Church Website:

When I started as Communications Director, the bulletin was pretty static, with four
“blocks” of featured information and events. People told me they never picked it up
because they felt it was the same every week, or that they only used it to write notes on
the back and never looked inside. Obviously, we needed to create something that
added more value to their church experience! I started by asking what a visitor would
need to get context for the service, and then what an attender might need to be
convinced to invest in what we’re doing. I launched a re-design just in time for the
Easter season in 2016. These days, my pastor sends me a devotional paragraph to
introduce the sermon series, we have a section that explains potentially confusing
parts of the service, we feature 3-5 upcoming events, a volunteering opportunity, and
have a calendar of important dates for the next 2-3 months. I’m keeping my eyes open
for fresh ways to update the bulletin in the near future. (I’m thinking about trying a rack
card style! Less folding, easier to stick on the fridge… We’ll see! Further up and further