Ruston Church of Christ – Ruston, LA

Designer: Liz Zanca
Church: Ruston Church of Christ
Location: Ruston, LA

What’s the size and how is it printed? How is it supposed to fold? Are there any perforations?

One 8.5 x 11 page, front & back. No folds.

Explain your process. What is your inspiration?

I begin with the most recent news, events and announcements that are important to our church body. We give a full page for the minister’s thoughts each week. We encourage him to give us something we can think about throughout the week. I create the document in InDesign and print as a PDF each week, which gives me the ability to change it without destroying the old documents. I love to use grids to lay everything out, so everything is lined up and inside the margins as best as I can. I took our old bulletins as inspiration, added our new logo and cleaned everything up. Sometimes I add simple graphics, but usually it’s comprised of text. The grids are important for organizing text without it becoming wordy, long or cluttered.