Rolling Hills Covenant Church – Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Designer’s Name: Patty Shearing
Church Name: Rolling Hills Covenant Church
Church Location: Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Church Website:

What’s the size and how is it printed? How is it supposed to fold? Are there any perforations?

The worship folder is 6×9″ folded in half. No perforations. To keep costs down, we print the color sections about once per year. Then we print the black text portion onto the shell every week.

Explain to use what your process is like? What inspiration did you use to create this bulletin? We want to create the best gallery possible so please be as descriptive as possible.

We wanted to be able to fit a lot of information into our worship folder, but still have it look pretty clean. We always include the pastor’s notes, his “chat” and a page for announcements. We have a separate publication that shows all of our regularly scheduled events.