River of Life – Elk River, MN

Designer’s Name: Tiffany Gross
E-mail: tiffany.gross@rolchurch.net
Church Name: River of Life
Church Location: Elk River, MN
Church Website: riveroflife-mn.org

What’s the size and how is it printed? How is it supposed to fold? Are there any perforations?

Our bulletin is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in house and folded in half. We do not have
any perforations. Instead we have a separate connections card.

Explain to us what your process is like? What inspiration did you use to create this bulletin? We want to create the best gallery possible so please be as descriptive as possible.

We are pretty archaic with our software! I have used publisher for years and recently
discovered Canva so I decided to go that route for this bulletin and I love the results!
My inspiration comes from looking at other churches bulletins 🙂 So thankful for this
blog as most that are out there are from 2012! I just take a little of this and a little of
that and mess around with it. For this bulletin project I actually have 5 pages that I work
on and move things around on until I come up with what I like. I work well in a lot of
clutter so I upload a bunch of elements and slowly remove stuff I don’t like 🙂