Pulaski Wesleyan Church – Pulaski, NY

Designer’s Name: Mitch Black
Pulaski Wesleyan Church
Pulaski, NY

From the designer:

I wanted to revamp our old bulletin style, which was mainly event oriented. we ran into issues when we were at a slow part of the year to have a full bulletin. I had some tech friends of mine share a couple different ideas from their churches and I created ours based on some of the ideas i saw in theirs. I wanted to create a simple workflow and cover all of our main objectives with this bulletin. Welcome, Financial information, Contact information, Highlighting the ministries at our church and listing the upcoming events. Most of the bulletin is static, makes for easy week to week. We update the date, finances and change the ministry “tiles” that are highlighted each week. The tiles are saved in a separate file for easy copy/paste. This has solved some of our issues with communication within our church.