Mission Church – San Antonio, TX

Designer’s name: Leslie Roberts
Church: Mission Church
Location: San Antonio, TX
Website: missionchurchsa.org

What’s the size and how is it printed? How is it supposed to fold? Are there any perforations?

5.5″x8.5″ double sided, printed and perforated vertically at the center–like a greeting card.

Explain to us what your process is like? What inspiration did you use to create this bulletin? We want to create the best gallery possible so please be as descriptive as possible.

We’ve gone through several different designs for our worship guide, but at Christmas we wanted to create a simple, minimalist design that would get the main things across and still allow us to collect responses. A Christmas card idea came to mind because of the seasonal impact–cards are welcoming, brief, and not invasive. We got such positive feedback about the design at Christmas that we kept the design. Half of the card is designed to communicate about our church and the other half is designed to learn about our visitors/attendees/Partners. We have seen an increase in responses with these; we usually get 30-40% of those in attendance to turn one in.