Life Changing Realities Fellowship – Edgerton, OH

Designer’s Name: Rae Aschliman
Church Name: Life Changing Realities Fellowship
Church Location: Edgerton, OH
Church Website:

What’s the size and how is it printed? How is it supposed to fold? Are there any perforations?

8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. Folded in half.

Explain to use what your process is like? What inspiration did you use to create this bulletin? We want to create the best gallery possible so please be as descriptive as possible.

We have a “shell” bulletin creator who will create the picture or design of the outside
cover. It is approved. Sent to Printing company to print outside only. The inside text is a
Word doc, changed each week. We do series at our church so I may order 6 weeks of
the same shell. 1200 total for 2 campuses for let’s say 6 weeks. Inside of bulletin is
Word doc, changes each week. Printed in house & folded by volunteers for the