First Christian Church – Canton, OH

Designer’s Name: Jake Muller
First Christian Church
Canton, OH

Our weekend program is a staple for communicating to our church family on weekends. It’s a 1-page, 2-sided document (front in color, back in black/white) containing the top 3- 4 announcements for the week. It also includes first-time guest information, a spot to take sermon notes, and a current series blurb. It gets handed out at all the doors to the worship center and is also available on our church app. It’ll soon be available on our website (which is currently being rebuilt) alongside the most recent message video.

We receive all program submissions (along with all our other comm’s requests) online via Airtable, and our communication team meets each Monday morning to determine the appropriate time/wording/channel to communicate each request. On Wednesday, a proof gets emailed to everyone who has info in that week’s program and to some key staff members. By Thursday morning, it’s off to print. The final copies get checked one last time Friday (to make sure both sides got printed correctly and no sneaky typos made the cut), and Sunday is go time!

The document itself is designed in Apple Pages and then exported as a low-quality PDF for the proof and a high-quality PDF for the final print. The elements that don’t move from week to week are set in Master pages, so they don’t accidentally get nudged around. Love that we’re able to use a $20 app to effectively communicate to